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Phil, Mia, Selah and Shiloh Gendreau
King's Castle Ministries

We would like to take this time to share with you an exciting ministry opportunity that God has presented to us through several signs and confirmations. Our greatest desire is to be able to help and serve people in different countries by sharing God’s love and purpose for their lives. Mia and I have both visited other countries for short term mission trips. However, the one trip that has been highlighted was my short term dental mission trip to
El Salvador in 2011. The last day of the trip, I heard God telling me that He wants our family to serve there. Since then, I have had it set on my heart to find open doors to be able to serve in that country. Recently, we discovered an open position for a dentist in El Salvador called “King’s Castle Ministries.” This is a ministry that welcomes volunteers from all over the world to serve the people of El Salvador. Their mission is to fulfill the Great Commission with the vision of Transformation by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. While we feel that God has opened up this door for our family, the most exciting part is that you can also have a chance to participate in this ministry by partnering with us through prayers and financial support. We will need all the prayers to make this vision successful, and we will need prayers for physical and community support for the entire family. We also need the financial support to advance the kingdom and fulfill God's dream and vision over our family. We look forward to partnering with you and keeping you informed on this adventure to change the lives and communities of El Salvador.

Your Missionaries,
Phil, Mia, Selah and Shiloh Gendreau

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